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Titus: Sound Doctrine

Sisters and Seekers,

Glad you are back in our 5th study of Titus.  Today we get into the "theology" behind what we studied last week, how our lives should look as we live out our faith.  By completing this study, you'll learn more about how how great our salvation is.  As previously mentioned, if you are just starting out, go back and find the blog post titled: Titus: Overview.

How did the Spirit speak to you through studying the different seasons of life last time?  Did He reveal an area where you can grow?  As we study, don't forget what He is revealing.  In fact, stop right now and say a little prayer that He would open your eyes to what He wants you to see as you approach His word and that He would bring it to mind in your time of need.  Hopefully you are praying each time you study; I know for me I find it very helpful as I battle distraction, motivation, and a hardened heart at time when I come to sit at His feet.

When you get to the application section, mayb…