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Encourage One Another

Family.  It is a word that stirs feelings of affection to some and memories of pain for others.  One of the reasons I love the church is that God has always provided spiritual mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.  There is a kinship among the gathered body that transcends blood--a bonding that comes when people house the Spirit inside them.  The outside world looking in doesn’t understand why the church must meet, as those who have found joy in fellowship understand the connection that occurs in the physical presence of those who have the same Father.  Unfortunately, just like our families of origin are the cause of heartache, the church can duplicate the experience.  So much division would be avoided if we would live out Peter’s words to the church in chapter 3 verse 8 as we interact with each other.  Unity of MindTo have unity of mind means to be focused on the same goal, be around the same cause, sharing devotion to the Lord, with the same attitude.  It is pleasant to be in fell…

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