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Titus: In Every Season

Sisters and Seekers,

Welcome to week 4 of our study on Titus.  So far we have done on over view of the book and studied three other sections of the text.  We are halfway there!  If you are just joining us, look back a few posts to begin the study there, looking at the entire book before diving into sections.  As we study Titus we are using a method that repeats each time so you can learn to apply this to any book of the Bible!

Last week we looked at empty talkers, those that were in the church  and teaching a mixed up message.  These were men that say they knew God but denied faith by what they did.  Paul is now shifting in his letter to Titus by giving him instruction for those in the church, contrasting the behavior of the members staring up trouble with what life should look like in every season of life.  As you study, I pray that God will speak to you right where you are at and give you practical next steps in your transformation to be more like him.  Let's start with our now…

Titus: Empty Talkers

Welcome back to our study on Titus.  Glad you are continuing along.  How did you last study go?  Are you keeping in mind what a good leader is? There will be many contrasts this week so continue to hold what you learned last week in mind to better understand this section's content.

If you are just joining in, be sure to look back through older posts to start at the beginning of the Titus series to get an overview of the book and more details about the "how to" studty portions.  Like last week, our process will be largely the same, as we are taking in content from Titus and also learning a method on how to study that can be applied to any book of the Bible. 
This week the scholarship required was a little more challenging and I had a lot more questions.   This required the use of more resources to understand some of the verses.  But I persevered and you can to!  Whatever level you are at, you can grow from studying God's word.  Trust Him to teach you and highlight th…

Titus: A Worthy Leader

Welcome back to the third installment of our study on Titus.  I hope so far God has been opening your eyes to the truth He wants to you to see, to be transformed more and more each day to be like Jesus.

Our work this week will be much like last time in that we will follow similar steps during the comprehension  and interpretation stages.  Remember this study is based on Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin.  The process is repetitive intentionally.  My hope for the end of this study is not only do you glean many truths for your life from Titus but you receive a model to follow on how to study any book of the Bible.  Because I won't go into as much depth, please refer to the second week of the study for more details on each step if needed.

In our very first week studying Titus, the book overview, you were to outline the book.  Today's passage will be the second "section" in the overview I made: qualifications of leadership.    In Titus 1:5, Paul reminds Titus of his purp…

Titus: How Y'all Doing?

Sisters and Seekers,

Welcome back to our study of the book of Titus.  How did it go last week?  Here are some things I hoped you gleaned in your overview of the book to catch us up as we look closely at the opening section this week.  
The book of Titus was written to a pastor named Titus by Paul.  It is a letter closely aligned to first and second Timothy in content and style.  Titus and Paul had a special relationship in that they had served together in ministry: Titus attended the Jerusalem council (Acts 15) with Paul as an example of a Gentile convert full of faith.  He also delivered letters for Paul and was entrusted by taking money to churches in need.  This letter was to encourage Titus to complete the mission Paul had for him when he left him on Crete: appoint leaders and instruct the body in what life looks like as a follower of Christ.    This new way of living came out of an authentic response to the gospel and was a witness to the world around them that needed Jesus.  A …