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Hello blog followers from all over the world!  Our local group in Washington State is going to take a break from Psalms and start studying Hebrews with our church.  This series should run through summer so I won't be updated the blog until next fall.  If you'd like to study with us, the following link will take you to the sermon series which you can download and the following study guide.  Just click on Messages and Media.

Thank you for following the blog!  I may write some devotionals here and there as God prompts me too!  I may also journal each week what I'm learning from the Hebrews study  I pray for you and hope that  your faith has grown through this website.  If you like these studies, please check out the archives as other series have been posted since 2011.

God Bless!

Devotional: Whose God is Their Appetite

I've always been driven, a fighter.  I've always had a “what’s next.”  Due to my tenacity, I usually get what I’m after and the cycle repeats itself. 
Take that same inclination and project it onto consumerism.  Now what’s interesting is that I am very disciplined with money.  I keep a budget.  I save and give.  I live below my means and as my spouse has the same agenda, live debt free (with the exception of our mortgage).  Yet I wouldn't say I was content.
I realized last month that the gifts of Christmas didn't make me feel satisfied but instead awakened a desire for more.  Though many things on my wish list were satisfied, I was drawn to think of the things I didn't get…this unsettledness became clear as I was listening through a sermon series on the 10 commandments on coveting.  I had always felt like buying was okay as long as it was in the budget and I could afford it.  My allowance was something I could spend whimsically; most people with wisdom in financ…