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Devotional: Like A Weaned Child

But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me. Psalm 131:2

Being still has always been a struggle of mine.From a young age, I sought to find significance in things the world valued as I hadn’t discovered the soul-satisfying peace of finding worth in God.My main go-to was being productive to get praise from others.I could work very hard and strove to have others notice my efforts.It made me feel a part of things, essential and valuable as my inner heart was missing this grace.Even now, when I’m most upset or worried, instead of crying or yelling I often storm around the house cleaning!At those times I believe the lie that when I work I matter.When I make the outside look good, the inside will follow.

In my Christian life, I have been told that it is important to have a “quiet time” with God.This is phrase means: sit down by yourself, pray, read your bible.Now as I recognize that I won’t always feel like doing this, an…

Psalms part 1: chapters 1-8

Do you like music?Though everyone has different styles, most people have a genre that they listen to.You may not be a great singer or play an instrument, but it is hard to imagine not having music on while working out, driving, or at a party.God made music to connect to our spirit in a unique way.

The book of Psalms in simply a collection of poems and songs.Some are historical and prophetic, some to magnify God, some express the personal fears and questions involving the journey of faith.There are 150 Psalms arranged in 5 books.Though they aren’t arranged in a particular order, each has a theme and is meant to focus us on God.Throughout our study you will learn much of Him and we pray that your worship and personal connection with Him will be strengthened.

Each week we will read several Psalms.Our format will be to read the Psalm, find its theme, and then reflect more using the study questions provided. You could consider reading one or two psalms a day during your quiet time. This stud…

Praise and Worship

Ladies (and men read this blog)?

Just a quick update to let you know that Callie and I will be back at in again this fall with a series on studying the Psalms!  As always, modified and inspired from the inductive study method of Kay Arthur.  Hope you will  join us.  Our first study should be posted the week of September 9th. 

Nice to see there has been some traffic this summer from all over the world.  We are blessed to minister to you and give you guidance in your time with God.

What has God been teaching (and reteaching) me?

1.  Less is more
2.  See the value in people because I made them (this God talking)
3.  Look at your kids and not your phone when they need to talk to you
4. Enjoy good friends
5. Trust Me and not yourself
6. Be sincere
7. You don't have to know everything right away
8. Pray when you brush your teeth
9. Say no sometimes and don't feel bad about it
10.  Always assume the best intent of others

I know there is more but this is what comes to mind …