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Devotional: The Straight Path

Okay…so this may be a long one and maybe a confusing one because I’m using the post to process out some things that God has been showing me.I’m excited because I sense that as I write He will make this clear to me and am in faith feeling prompted that maybe these words will also give clarity to one of you out there!Or it might totally confuse you and make you think; that’s meditation which we are also called to do (be in places where it’s not clear and we have to figure it out) so either way it’s a win-win!

God is so symbolic.I love that part about Him.Often in my faith He has used earthly symbols to teach me things about myself and Him.It’s ironic that I’ve been called the Holy Bloodhound as a nickname and then the dog God gave me last November is a hound.She gets her nose on the ground and when she’s on the trail, watch out…she won’t be paying attention to much other than the trail.I so get that way!This strong instinct of her’s can really get her into trouble (she likes to get into …

Job part 8-The Object of Faith

This week begins the third and final discourse between Job and his friends.Hard to even give them this title at this point!This week we will read about the last discussion between Job and Eliphaz. Wealth and how to produce that which lasts (refining) seems to be the main theme in this section, so as you read make sure you notice their opposing views.

Key Verse: But He knows the way that I take; when He has tried me I shall come out as gold.Job 3:10

Job 22
·What does Eliphaz claim Job is valuing instead of God?List the specific sins he says Job has committed.
·Read through these New Testament references about the influence of riches.Some of the references describe earthy treasures while some describe heavenly ones.Take notes on how these verses parallel Eliphaz’s argument: Matthew 6:19-21; Mark 10: 17-22; Luke 12:34; Revelation 3:14-18.
·Journal Prompt:Would you say you trust in riches or your wealth in any way?If you had do downgrade your lifestyle, would it change your character and joy?


Job Part 7-Adding Insult to Injury

This study closes off the second discourse between Job and his friends, as Bildad and Zophar weigh in.

Again, they maintain Job is wicked and proof is that God has destroyed his wealth.Despite their persistent negativity, Job keeps his head and does not sin.

More importantly, we see a picture of Jesus in chapter 19.Here we see our Lord as our Kinsman-Redeemer, the one who would rescue out of slavery.In Old Testament Times, one who could not pay his or her debts sold themselves into slavery.The redeemer would come and pay to set them free.The redeemer could also avenge the deaths of relatives; in Numbers 35 God sets cities aside for manslayers to have refuge from the redeemer.Praise be to God, for Christ has avenged our sin by his blood and come to rescue us from the slavery of sin!

Key Verse: For I know that my Redeemer lives,
and at the last he will stand upon the earth.
And after my skin has been thus destroyed,
yet in my flesh I shall see God,
whom I shall see for myself,
and my eyes shall…

Job part 6-Your Own Mouth Condemns You

This section begins the second cycle of argument between Job and his friends as they debate suffering.Eliphaz, the same person who spoke to him begins the response.Remember he was the one who claimed he knew of suffering because of a vision he received in the night and what he’d obserbed about life.The second time around, he no longer wants to appeal for him to repent; he’s seen Job’s other responses and that argument seems pointless now.His words intensify and his argument too, that Job is wicked and is being punished.He goes so far as to say that his response to his suffering is rebellion against God (Job 15:13).Remember as you study that this book is poetic and should be interpreted as such.When Eliphaz hammers his points, they tend to repeat as in poetry this adds emphasis and intensity to his argument.

Job’s response in chapters 16 and 17 can be summed up by our key verse this week:

My friends scorn me, but I pour out my tears to God.I need someone to mediate between God and me, as…