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The Gift of Solitude

Sisters and Seekers,

Let's talk about Sunday night.  It's the time of the weekend we don't want to face because our weekend is coming to an end...I don't know what yours is typically filled with but mine is often a mixture of catching up on housework, taking the kids somewhere, seeing friends, church, maybe a long walk with the dog, and then during the after-dinner dishes that feeling of dread seeps in.  Work tomorrow.  Thinking about all the unique things that week will bring.  Calling the doctor to schedule an exam, making sure I stop at the bank to get cash to pay my yard work help, getting the present for the birthday party because I forgot to order it on Amazon and that particular toy won't get here in two days because it's not prime...but did my weekend really give me the rest I was hoping for?  Did I continue to bring a spirit of busyness with me or did I carve out time to rest.  Does my soul feel reset or am I dreading the week to come because I didn…