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The Lost Time

Blog Readers,
Taking a break from sharing my audio format to share something I wrote in my journal a few days ago. This blog was never about producing content but only sharing when I felt I had something to say, when God prompted me to share.  This is one such entry.  I hope you've been enjoying the audio content but am heart I feel I am a writer, not of books but of spiritual thoughts and journey-sharing.  I hope this connects with your journey...

It has been months since I have sat down to write.  I wonder why I've been avoiding it.  Just to start this entry makes me feel a little raw--like things I don't want to face might come slinking out.  God started us on this journey of trusting Him about this time last year.  It's hard to describe how you can be the same person yet a completely different person to those that haven't experienced the upheaval of changing your whole life willingly yet afraid. 
Right now is the lost time.  
The time where I am trying to figu…