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This One's for the Moms!

Let me set the scene for you this morning.  I'm sitting on the couch with my son.  It's 8:30 am and the smell of coffee is in my house.  He's wrapped up in his fuzzy red blanket and I can only see the tip of his hair.  My husband is sitting adjacent to me, white mug in one hand and bible app open in the other.  The sun is up but none of the lights are on so there is a lazy, ease-into-the-morning diffusion in the living room.  We are sitting together in a comfortable silence.  Reading, reflecting, thinking our own thoughts.  When Ethan emerges from his bleary-eyed cocoon he grabs his Bible and reads a morning devotional.  Afterwards he asks a question and a rich discussion begins.

Friday nights and Saturday mornings have a unique culture around our house.  After a long week of work, sports, piano lessons, the family gathers around the table for homemade pizza and a movie.  We have "intermission" where we stop to make popcorn and grab other munchies.  Our family ca…