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Don't Play with That

I did something really crazy today, really unlike me.  I didn't buy a sweater.

That may make no sense to you but it is not my everyday choice.  You see I've found myself lately a very tempted person.  I really like new clothes and on-line shopping.  Surfing my favorite shopping sites and then when a big sale hits I can swoop in for the kill.  I love the email in my inbox saying it's on it's way and when the package comes, opening it up and trying it on.  It hangs in my closet like another conquest.

Lately I've felt like this has too big of a hold on me.  I've started looking online when I'm bored, upset, or need a distraction from something I don't want to face.  Sometimes like a fabric bulimic I do a big order and then feel really guilty because I don't need all those clothes so when my order comes in I return most everything I just bought. I've binged and I need to purge.  That twinge of regret when I take a lot of clothes to consignment bec…