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Sin in Full View

While reading Hosea 7 this morning, Kay Arthur shared some great cross references in her book Finding Hope When Life Seems Dark.  I wanted to share this title to give her credit and not plagiarize.  She is a teacher I return to over and over, as she guides me in going to the word of God and letting the Spirit highlight what His personal word for me is, which in turn prompts me to share on this blog.  Check her inductive study method out! The Israelites (the tribe of Ephraim who was left in the land after the Assyrians captured the other tribes) were stuck in sin and lying to themselves that God couldn’t see it.  What conviction I found with these words this morning as just minutes before doing my study I was playing around with a sin in my mind.  Like a cat toying with a mouse, I was fantasizing about a conversation I could have and if I said this, how would it make me look?  Forgetting of course, that God can see all the things I think and that He cares immensely. Look up each of t…