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Philipians part 2-A Posture of Prayer

Lord Father.I thank you for the women beginning this study of Philippians.I pray that, through this letter of encouragement, their love for You will grow and that they will be confident that every suffering, every disappointment, every trial they encounter is nothing compared to the surpassing joy of what it means to know You.I pray that they will also learn what it means to stand firm in their faith in You and the comfort they can have in knowing that You have called them to righteousness through Your son Jesus Christ.Thank you, Lord, for these women. May You always be glorified by them.Amen.

Read through Philippians chapter 1 every day.

·What do you learn about Paul’s circumstances in this passage?How did he get there? What is his attitude?How did he turn his situation into a positive?What gave him strength?

·Who is Paul praying for?What does this passage teach you about prayer and how to pray?

oJournal Prompt #1:Is praying hard for you? Why?

oJournal Prompt #2:Use Paul’s prayer in Phi…

Philippians part 1-Who do You Live For?

How is your contentment?Can you find peace despite the circumstances around you?Are you steady even when things around you are a mess?Every Christian goes through seasons of life where joy seems elusive.In this study we will learn about the apostle Paul and his special relationship with the church at Philippi, a church he had planted on his second missionary journey.

As in some of my past studies, I am partnering with my friend Callie to modifiy an inductive study by Precepts ministries for the group of women we meet with weekly.To do this study you will need a bible and a way of taking notes.That’s pretty much it!Let’s get started!

1. Philippians: Overview
Read through the book of Philippians and record your thoughts about the following questions: What are your first impressions? Who is writing?What are your first impressions of him? Who is receiving the letter?What do you notice about them? What is the tone? What prompted the writing? What words seem to be repeated throughout the book?(This …