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Wisdomfied part 20-The Final Word

Hello friends,

Are there any of you still out there?I have been so busy creating studies for my own bible study that I haven’t had time to finish Proverbs.I also decided to share on-line what my women’s group is doing, so I’ll be able to post more regularly for those of you who are doing the study and needing something more consistent.

With that said, I will be doing a super-sized post today to finish up Proverbs.This post is not meant to be done in one sitting but in topical sections.If you’ve been doing this study it’s the same process, read each verse, take notes on what you observe, summarize your learning in one or two sentences, and then journal about a verse that the Holy Spirit reveals to you as important.That is a verse that when you are reading pops off the page; there may something inside you that feels inspired, curious, or emotionally attached to it.That is the best way to describe what I feel when I am reading and I just know that God wanted those words to bear fruit for m…